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  1. I think my best strategy is 20k "all on red", better that the daily waterboarding 😄
  2. thanks dude, problem is that some news events are quick wins like HERTZ EasyJet, but Indices I find it difficult to work out
  3. another lesson learned! I think I'll have to turn to swing trading , my Day trading is just not looking feasible
  4. after I posted that I check the 250, that's much more UK focused I'd imagine. That gapped down
  5. God **** I don't understand these markets Headline news British economy suffered record collapse in the second quarter FTSE rises fast from open and I drop 500 in about 25 minutes! 😖 Looks like one of the biggest bullish 30min candles in weeks. That's it I am staying away from the 'Open', don't know diddlysquat about it
  6. Its difficult to know whether to reply on pure price action, indicators or news. I suspect a mixture of all is the way forward . For example I have been researching Gold and despite it all suggesting buy (and my subsequent loss) , last friday's and early this week sell off was due to funds monetizing profits of which they may well reload .
  7. well yeah that's a very good point, I am still struggling with stops on IG, Its baffling how I put on a stop the candle wicks rises up to it , Just right before the price hits it I cancel the stop and the wick retracts. I have see this about 20 times now .
  8. I experimented a lot with his indicators and testing in PRT, I really couldn't find any conclusive evidence like he did. Fiddled around with the code for about a month
  9. I have a short on at 3120, every expert it the world said a months ago it was going to tank ! 😕
  10. damm, you have resilience! . Your misfortune is oddly comforting thought, sorry buddy! 😄 Glad it came good in the end You know there is something wrong when your mindset is "Oh I only lost £150 today, good day!😅 Why use the API and not PRT
  11. yeah I agree, the other option of paying a $30 round trip for non FX conversion is just a sneaky way of doing business. It bugs me that they hide this in the fine print especially when there is no logical reason for it and no one at IG can give a straight answer as to why , They should be encouraging clients to trade not discourage them.
  12. I made a few posts about this, its very poor service , you either pay the commision fee or work on the pretence of zero commision , but then a rubbish FX rate . And if you hold investments for a long time your profits can get killed in the advent of an adverse FX rate , (should you elect to automatically have FX conversion )
  13. Cheers, I made a post about the exact same thing , up $87, profit -£52 in 2 mins! Will check out Degiro. One personality trait I noticed, I turn on my IG account , check the markets, news and usually with 15minutes I make a trade. That makes no sense, Its like I am just looking for an excuse to trade . A good trade didn't happen to coincide with the moment I randomly decide to open IG I am still leaning towards there are profits to be made if you put in the hard work and further that you need to focus on particular assets. I trade silver more that anything and have about 70% hit rate now, however my one trade yesterday wiped out twice anything I made on silver since I started! Dumb mistake, I could have sworn I put on a stop with PRT but on the IG platform it did not registered , I should have checked! Was £250 up, went to supermarket came back £1400 down! Same with Gold, was 350 up, swing trade running last few days, stop moved up to swing low within 30 mins it dropped and stopped me out at £5 up, I didn't sleep well last night, turning over in my mind what thinking about how reckless I was! That could be the half bottle of whisky I drank though to drown my sorrows. haha Again it's these these foolish mistakes are costing me badly. However I suppose the positive side is they that are fixable mistakes,
  14. oh so it is damm! time to find another broker, Not paying $30 round trip given I trade 4 or 5 times a day! IG just not suited for this
  15. Just did a quick scalp trade on Kodak, testing out if its possible using share dealing . <2mins as you can see IG always has some way of sneaking in a charge . I gained $7590 + $7615 - $15118 = +$87 yet when I see the GBP proceeds its $5,749 + $5,766.82 - $11,568.5 = -£52 If I elect to to have the USD to USD automatically not converted they have a $8 charge, In this case it would still be a profit of $71 Under spread bet its a 9 point spread so would also have been a loss also. My question is why is there an $8 charge, anytime I phone and ask IG, I just get , "that's just the way the rules are"
  16. Using Spread bet is not suitable for scalping in my view , you get filled and exit at a poor price and its hard to cover a spread. Depends on what your definition of a 'scalp' is though Share dealing is a lot better for US stocks (no fees) but you need the capital and can only go long.
  17. problem is that CFD's ends up being costly. I think it's the only way though but if you try hedge having 20 positions all put on and off at different times , it needs a lot of management not to mention the accumulation of overnight charges , as the SB could be on for years if the US share is still profitable Looks like not much options though
  18. but the Crypto experts are told us on Thursday its going to rise, can't argue with the experts right? 😄 https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-surges-over-10-000-could-surpass-15-000-digital-currency-experts-say-11595853676
  19. Have you tried the Share Dealing route (long only)? I have a 100% success record*** on that, tighter spreads . Might be feasible, not sure yet . Agree SB is not really feasible unless you have a big big moves like EZJ recently . Also you get filled at the worse possible position *** statistics based on only 2 trades 😅
  20. the whole 'pump and dump' scam has been around for 100 years. I start getting suspicious when the top traders keep focusing on penny stocks, When I see them taking on facebook., Amazon I have more faith in their ability . End of the day if you are a top trader , more expensive stocks will be preferably to you due to liquidity reasons .
  21. I'm not on a mission to attack the dude but just glancing at the video, a few things that I noticed : 1) talking in $$$ amounts is meaningless, its % rtn that people need to know 2) I jumped through it and literally every comment " I just bought in here or I just exited here" . Everything said in the past tense after a favourable bar formed 3) at no point can I actually see a P&L, open position list nor even the trades on the chart he is watching . Personally I have never use software that doesn't show this. Yet all the YT comments are "wow you just made 50k dude!! ". The point is people watching his YT stream are taking what he says purely in faith . also, would the video be marketed and become viral around so much is he didn't make much cash, its the average long ten performance run is having that is the important factor , As I say I am unbiased towards him so I have little evidence to call him a scam artist nor great trader,. but personally I don't take any youtube guru just on his word. Analysing someone's ability is like proving something in maths " you first remain undecided and only when evidence present itself you learn towards a belief or conjecture. Ask yourself if you had a mind to, could you replicate that YT performance bu yelling views, hey on IG I just went long Facebook, hey I just exited here " Of course maybe he is and there are lots of video on YT showing his performance, I haven't taken time to investigate.
  22. Over the last week I have been cashing out of my portfolio , mostly US stocks, all pretty good (average 20%) rtn but when I look this morning and did the analysis , it took a big dent due to the adverse USDGBP Fx move in the last 3 months . IG have this unfair rule (in my view) that they don't waive the $15 commissions unless you elect to have all currencies automatically converted back to GBP, so question is how to hedge the FX components, Would be fiddly to keep buying an ETF every time I trade USA and SB long term would just use margin up and overnight charges
  23. how do you know though? Its healthy to play ****'s advocate here but he could be doing a pump and dump on the penny stocks , With larger stocks , he could be going long and short on the same position and just showing the winning one, uploading only profitable trades to YT and his followers,. He remains perfectly hedged . Easy to show a 100k trade that way I have no idea if he is a scammer or not and one look at his YT vids I immediately switched off, It is wise to at least question the possibility. Also from what I can see it's not just him but so many people defend online YT traders but readily admit "they are not profitable themselves just yet". They live of the "I'll be rich one day if keep learning from this guy" dream I worked on the trading floor for the big bank for many years putting out trade ideas after trade in, It was not a scam but naturally everyone would show a client a favourable situation . In fact we only ever showed profitable trades, selected window lengths, scenarios and avoided the probability of risk / return .The equites desks all put out bear market trades and my desk Interest rates was all on rising rates , high inflation scenarios. I'd say every client we had lost money through over the last 15 years The usual FSA warnings were attached like .... well IG have at the bottom of this page, but human nature being what it is, every just ignores it
  24. with indices dropping around the world, thoughts of US ones after the opening bell? Anyone do a recent correlation study? Naturally I am late to the party today and shorted the FTSE at 6001. I should sell a training course. I'll give you all my trades and you take the opposite position, guaranteed win for you 😄
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