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  1. Hi, I have Pro Realtime enabled on my demo account but it I get an error when trying to activate on my live account can this be resolved please or can you take a look? Best wishes, Andrew
  2. Hi @JamesIG & @WillA I started using ProRealTime (PRT) with a Spread Bet (SB) demo account and it was no problem activating and getting going. However, when trying to activate PRT for my live SB account it says "Server errorAn error occurred while activating ProRealTime. Please try later." PRT application is working well on the demo account, so I am assuming there may be in an issue on the backend activating the feature on my live account? Best wishes, Andrew
  3. Hey guys, Is there a scanning software similar to Think or Swim that I can use in the UK that identifies premarket volume for Day Trading use? appreciate any feedback
  4. Hi guys, I’ve been trying to find a software like Think or Swim to provide premarket volume indication but as I live in the UK I can’t use that software. Do any of you have some ideas on a good software to use?
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