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  1. Thanks for the reply! i have registered my interest indeed. But have received nothing since. And did not manage to find “ipo and pricing” section on Ig platform. Maybe I need to add much more funds to open it?
  2. Sorry, did not manage to subscribe to ADCT ipo here and had to use another platform. But I really want to be IG client, could you pls explain me if I could have done it here? thank you
  3. Same question about ADC Therapeutics. Thanks
  4. Hi, Sorry I am new with IG. I want to take part in Procore technologies IPO, how do I subscribe to IPO on IG? I have seen the IPO IG web page (cant copy link sorry). But I don't seem to see IPO and pricing section anywhere on my platform. Do I need to invest more to be able to see this section? Also, what do you think of the upcoming IPO? Thanks.