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  1. Hi, So finally figured it out: Firstly, fill in the US W-8BEN Form online to allow you to trade in US Stocks Then call IG - there is an over the phone questionnaire which you can do which allows access to some US ETFs (not all) You are likely a 'retail client' like I was, you can consider upgrading to a professional client if you meet the criteria - IG can email you the link when you call up Finally, open spread beeting / CFD accounts - even if you are not planning on using them right away. Doing all these things, seem to allow me to trade US ETFs within a Share dealing account from the UK. Good Luck!
  2. Hi, looking for some help, I was told By IG that as I am in the UK, “European Retail Clients are unable to trade US listed ETFs”. The thing is, the system allows me to trade Some US listed ETFs and I have UK trader friends who can trade US listed ETFs that I cannot. Just wondering what is going on and if others have had similar experiences?