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  1. I keep getting the message "this platform is currently unavailable" on both my Android phone and tablet. The status page says everything is up. I've updated the App to the latest version but with no joy. Any advice?
  2. I would have liked some questions on the trade interface and how that can be improved.
  3. Hi I put Trade Planning and Testing in the search but it didn't return anything with that title. Do you have a direct link? Thanks Elly
  4. Is there any word on this. I have to keep reloading the desktop as it keeps buffering and not loading the charts. Thanks Elly
  5. Is there a way to better manage this? It would be really useful if you could either hide positions where the market is currently closed or at least separate them, with open market positions up top and positions in closed markets below. I asked this back in August 2020 but never got a response from IG.
  6. I transferred some money the other day but I don't know which screen shows that deposit. I've been through the daily statements and history but I can't see where it is logged. Any ideas where they record deposits made?
  7. I'm trying to work out the Return on Assets on some banks which is Income/Assets but I don't know which figure on the accounts to use. I'm using Stockopedia. Do I use the Net Income listed part way down the Income statement or the one right up top of the Cash Flow Statement? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. In list of Positions it would be useful to hide positions that are closed (not open for trading) or separate them so the screen is in two halves, top for open and bottom for closed, perhaps you could collapse the bottom half too.
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