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  1. I found the answer. If you see the first screenshot.. at the bottom it says "Resulting Position +3" while the size = 5. This was because I had an open position on the same pair. Therefore it ruins the basic calculation. All solved now.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to figure out the Margin Required to create a BUY position on EUR/USD with my base currency in AUD. However - I really don't know how to get the calculation right, can you please help? Please see the attached screenshot EURUSD_1.png and EURUSD_2.png: Size: 5 Contract Size: EUR 10,000 Price: 1.12208 (EUR/USD) Value of one point: USD 1 Margin: 0.5% Margin Required (USD): US$108.01 My calculation: I understand to get the Margin Required in AUD - it would require currency conversion from USD to AUD. However - I cannot even get the calculation right for the Margin Required (USD) : USD108.01. Can anyone help me how to get that figure (ie. USD108.01)? Below is more information about EURUSD mini pair. (if it helps). Please let me know Thank you
  3. Hi IG Support, I'm currently developing a monitoring tools for the price using REST API. I have couple of questions that really confused me in constructing the formula/algorithm: I have been comparing price in the IG Web Platform and Android Platform versus the REST API Companion. I found some inconsistencies, for example at some points in Web/Android platform to calculate the Mid HIGHEST price, the formula is as follow: ROUND_DOWN((Bid + Ask)/2); However, on the same timeframe at some points the Mid LOWEST price formula is as follow: ROUND_UP((Bid + Ask)/2). Please see my attached screenshot for more details. This brought me to a question as how to calculate the Mid value of a candle in the Web/Android Platform, let's say (Bid + Ask)/2 = 107.01235, so should it get rounded up becoming 107.013 or rounded down becoming 107.012? Issue number 1 somehow screws my Stochastic Oscillator calculation due to inconsistencies and differences in couple of N candles. Does IG have an API to call the Stoch value at some point of time? Did I calculate point 1 above incorrectly? What's the correct formula to get the accurate price at certain point? I was using the GET/prices - is that correct? Is my method correct? Please see my screenshot for more detailed information 🙏 Thank you!