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  1. I found the answer. If you see the first screenshot.. at the bottom it says "Resulting Position +3" while the size = 5. This was because I had an open position on the same pair. Therefore it ruins the basic calculation. All solved now.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to figure out the Margin Required to create a BUY position on EUR/USD with my base currency in AUD. However - I really don't know how to get the calculation right, can you please help? Please see the attached screenshot EURUSD_1.png and EURUSD_2.png: Size: 5 Contract Size: EUR 10,000 Price: 1.12208 (EUR/USD) Value of one point: USD 1 Margin: 0.5% Margin Required (USD): US$108.01 My calculation: I understand to get the Margin Required in AUD - it would require currency conversion from USD to AUD. However - I c
  3. Hi IG Support, I'm currently developing a monitoring tools for the price using REST API. I have couple of questions that really confused me in constructing the formula/algorithm: I have been comparing price in the IG Web Platform and Android Platform versus the REST API Companion. I found some inconsistencies, for example at some points in Web/Android platform to calculate the Mid HIGHEST price, the formula is as follow: ROUND_DOWN((Bid + Ask)/2); However, on the same timeframe at some points the Mid LOWEST price formula is as follow: ROUND_UP((Bid + Ask)/2). Please see my att
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