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  1. It would of been good as a swing trade..but as a long term investor i would not buy, .lots off ppl will cash out.. Is it worth investing in?, it is highly speculative and has many red flags. ie 1. Actually Makes no vehicles right now. ( No proven track record) 2. Reservations quoted are really not certain, has no deposit has to be put down! 3 Ceo does not have a good track record and will step down and become chairman . New ceo 4 I dont think they will be cost competitive with tesla who has a proven track record 5. Many claims of battery tech but no end product..results in the lab do not always translate to production.
  2. im going long, might be overpriced for now but it will only be getting more expensive over the next few years. The growth potential is massive! They also are many years ahead of the competition despite what you hear. It will most likely be 3k+ in a few years. Shorting telsla would not be very smart imo!