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  1. I was just trying to put the same trade on - exactly as i do most days of the week This particular day it said i couldnt trade as the "buy or sell price" (I cannot remember whether i was buying or selling this particular day) Whichevever i was trying to do - It was too near that level in the market already and that it had to be a mimimum of 300 points away "Which Is Not True!!"
  2. Why am i getting this message The order level you have requested is too close to the current market level. The minimum distance for this market is 300 per point.
  3. Attached is a screnshot of my "LKQ" trade which clearly shows yesterdays candle breaching my stoploss So Why if i set a "STOP" on my trade - Why was it not Stopped Out?? ...
  4. Where / How do i view my past activity on the new platform?? ...
  5. On the old (better) platform i set my price alerts it used to ask - if i wanted to SMS them?? ... now it doesn't and when i'm away from laptop I never hear them - How do i get them via SMS when there's no option to do this?? ...
  6. tradermonty

    How do i find ETFs

    Wheres the chart text box on new platform?? ... I like to put on my Entry/ TP1/ and my StopLoss ... so that if i look at a chart quickly, when flicking from chart to chart i can see instantly and clearly what is happenening to trades?? ...
  7. tradermonty

    Trading individual share options.

    Hannah, Am I right in thinking then, That in order to place -- "A Long Call Option" os Say APPL -- With a June Expiration -- Putting on an Order To Open -- At a specific Stock Price With a StopLoss -- and a -- Ist Profit Target -- I can only do this on the phone?? ... And is that the sort of info -- That i would need to give to the Tradeing Desk?? ... Also Hannah are these then traded -- "All Sessions" Hannah just one other thing -- Do I.G. have any Videos that explain Options Trading?? ... Thanks Hannah:-... Trader Monty
  8. tradermonty

    [LOCKED] New around here?

    sorry the last bit about brokers was what the service told me ...
  9. tradermonty

    [LOCKED] New around here?

    Hi all I'm David from Oxfordshire I try to day trade the Dax and Nasdaq (some times badly) I have just bought into a subscription base alert service ... and that means I want to learn about trading ETF's / but not baskets as in oil or energy just single stocks such as "MO" I want to be able to open a ETF account without spending $10,000 I want to be able to open a trade set a stoploss and possibly have that trade open for months at a time I can find ZERO USEFUL information that makes any real sense?? ... I need an account that allows you, from your country of residence/ U/K ... to buy and short sell US stocks, specifically ETF's. I need a broker that I can trade with ALL US stocks (NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges) with. IG seem to say they fit the bill - but info in very short supply!! ... I keep getting directed to share dealing!! ... "Anyone any usefull info please?? ... These days, brokers don’t require much as a minimum deposit to trade with, but check that too. Many UK brokers let you trade with as little as a hundred pounds.
  10. tradermonty

    How do i find ETFs

    Hannah I use the classic platform, i want to trade ETF's but i dont know where they are?? ... For me this question was not answered "sorry Hannah" Where are they?? ...
  11. tradermonty

    First trade - query

    Why don't you enter 2 seperate trades?? ... The first one with an exit or LIMIT set to exit trade at + 50 pips Then the second trade to ENTER at that level (where you just exited first trade)!! ... You can set alerts from the actual trade order or from the drop-down where you found your deal ticket Hope that makes sense?? ... Then as long as you have a phone you can tick the alert box for phone SMS Keep your trade account info with you, and then you can also enter and exit trades whilst on the go!
  12. Cant realy get on with the new platform at all!! ...