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  1. I was just trying to put the same trade on - exactly as i do most days of the week This particular day it said i couldnt trade as the "buy or sell price" (I cannot remember whether i was buying or selling this particular day) Whichevever i was trying to do - It was too near that level in the market already and that it had to be a mimimum of 300 points away "Which Is Not True!!"
  2. Why am i getting this message The order level you have requested is too close to the current market level. The minimum distance for this market is 300 per point.
  3. Attached is a screnshot of my "LKQ" trade which clearly shows yesterdays candle breaching my stoploss So Why if i set a "STOP" on my trade - Why was it not Stopped Out?? ...
  4. Where / How do i view my past activity on the new platform?? ...
  5. On the old (better) platform i set my price alerts it used to ask - if i wanted to SMS them?? ... now it doesn't and when i'm away from laptop I never hear them - How do i get them via SMS when there's no option to do this?? ...
  6. Hannah, Am I right in thinking then, That in order to place -- "A Long Call Option" os Say APPL -- With a June Expiration -- Putting on an Order To Open -- At a specific Stock Price With a StopLoss -- and a -- Ist Profit Target -- I can only do this on the phone?? ... And is that the sort of info -- That i would need to give to the Tradeing Desk?? ... Also Hannah are these then traded -- "All Sessions" Hannah just one other thing -- Do I.G. have any Videos that explain Options Trading?? ... Thanks Hannah:-... Trader Monty
  7. sorry the last bit about brokers was what the service told me ...
  8. Hi all I'm David from Oxfordshire I try to day trade the Dax and Nasdaq (some times badly) I have just bought into a subscription base alert service ... and that means I want to learn about trading ETF's / but not baskets as in oil or energy just single stocks such as "MO" I want to be able to open a ETF account without spending $10,000 I want to be able to open a trade set a stoploss and possibly have that trade open for months at a time I can find ZERO USEFUL information that makes any real sense?? ... I need an account that allows you, from your country of residence/ U/K ... to buy and short sell US stocks, specifically ETF's. I need a broker that I can trade with ALL US stocks (NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges) with. IG seem to say they fit the bill - but info in very short supply!! ... I keep getting directed to share dealing!! ... "Anyone any usefull info please?? ... These days, brokers don’t require much as a minimum deposit to trade with, but check that too. Many UK brokers let you trade with as little as a hundred pounds.
  9. Why don't you enter 2 seperate trades?? ... The first one with an exit or LIMIT set to exit trade at + 50 pips Then the second trade to ENTER at that level (where you just exited first trade)!! ... You can set alerts from the actual trade order or from the drop-down where you found your deal ticket Hope that makes sense?? ... Then as long as you have a phone you can tick the alert box for phone SMS Keep your trade account info with you, and then you can also enter and exit trades whilst on the go!