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  1. The fix is to use a browser with Flash. I'm going to avoid doing that. Just as the browsers themselves are. I really hope they have a plan for charts when Flash goes away entirely. edit: I assume they have the new CFD interface ready to go and will turn it on at some stage. I'd like to start using it now.
  2. Allowing Java and Flash is not a solution in a world where Flash is deprecated. IG needs to update their charts to the same system running on the CFD end. Reducing my security on a page specially dealing with financial information is nowhere near ideal.
  3. I haven't been able to view charts on IG (share account) for probably a year or more now. When will IG migrate them off the deprecated Adobe Flash interface and onto something which works with modern browsers?
  4. I'd like to edit my post but the time has passed. Too verbose. Keep it simple. Flash, still, ROFL!!
  5. > Make sure Java and Flash are set to 'Allow' Hang-on, I thought this might be the case but couldn't believe it. They're **still** trying to use Flash here? Even though many browsers no longer support it? Share accounts are not upgraded to the same system as CFD charts? This seems to be a blocker bug which should be fixed with priority. Flash charts were dead months ago, no excuse to be still pushing Flash on people.
  6. Thankyou for taking this seriously and fixing the UX failure of trying to track tabs in backend. Now they open in the same window like every other website. Awesome.
  7. > html5 rather than JS lol > auto close any attempts at a second Yes. If the backend state gets out of sync with the actual browser state then this functionality instead closes any new attempts to open a FIRST "platform" window. > you have no idea about. Oh the irony. > To be frank I’m always curious as to why a single individual seems to think that have a better grasp of things over a multi billion pound company with hundreds of devs working on it. Devs need user feedback or issues like this remain undetected. Thanks for your valuable cont
  8. > My accuracy on this strategy is over 85%. This is how these "chop shops" work. They are your counter-party so if you start winning too much they cut you off. > If a trader just like me trade and loose money everything would be fine Yup.
  9. > told it’s only me experiencing this so developers won’t look at it You too eh. Seems this is an all too common occurrence. There is nothing about reporting software issues which requires someone else to have already once reported the same issue. If this were the case developers would be entirely blind to the things users report.
  10. I reported this to helpdesk however due to it being a sync issue and having no clear steps to duplicate, and because the individual support person had not received any similar reports I was told it would not be forwarded on and no ticket would be created for developers. So instead I am forced to come here and make a noise. The site has a async/sync issue where if a browser crashes (something the javascript code involved can do often enough) then the backend is left in a state where it breaks the sites UX. * Crashed tab * Click Chrome button to restore it. * "Platf
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