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  1. Eddie, I had the same issue (I found your post by searching for help!). However you can find them online on your account via a web browser and perform the following sequence: Live Accounts -> Statements -> Trading Statements -> Annual -> 2020 Then downloading the 2020 gives the consolidated tax certificate for 2019-2020. Hope this helps, Regards jawdrops
  2. Hi Hannah, I’m confused now! Surely your STOP - Good Till Cancelled you referred to in this thread in June is exactly what is being sought by ? As far as I’m aware this is still available. Please confirm. Regards Joe
  3. Any update on this, as currently stop order on international (non U.K.) is limited to the same day. A GTC stop loss would greatly improve the share trading facility. Thanks Joe.
  4. Good to see this is now offered. Any chance of extending it to cover US share that trade in US & London time? E.g. Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.
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