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  1. You are doing just fine trading the demo account - TRUST ME! Next few weeks will be "testing" time particularly if *DONALD DUCK* wins! I am in NO hurry to get back into the market! shocks-n-scares
  2. I do Forex + Ftse stocks! I love Ftse 100 stocks - nO sTrESS (well you know what I mean)! Forex is very demanding and stressful! I am out of the market last couple of days, due to ...... THE BIG FIGHT ..... in the USA! Haa Haa! Got lucky - managed to sell most of my Ftse stocks by Wednesay 2 November, at a profit, and now standing by to s@@ what happens on Tuesday 8 November?! Hoping Donald does NOT win! Going to be disastrous all round for the USA and the rest of the world if he does! The guy is a clown to say the least! shocks-n-scares
  3. True say (again)! After "donkeys of years" trading this game, I still play with just 2% of my "Bank of Ing-land" balance?! Haa Haa! It has worked for me - U need bleedin' will power! shocks-n-scares
  4. Best way to "stay out of trouble" is to go with brokers who are regulated by "FCA" (UK). You will find none of the so-called Cyprus brigade are! So stay well clear of them! shocks-n-scares
  5. True say! It's a good idea to start as a "dummy" on a ..... "demo" account first! A dummy-demo is the best way to move forward? shocks-n-scares