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  1. Now I added this Codes tring: DEFPARAM PRELOADBARS = 5000 And so far it hasn't crashed yet. But lets give it a couple of hours to see if any positions will be made. Sorry for involving several issues in the same Q here.
  2. Might it be something like this where I seem to get signal for both long and shot in the same time? The strange thing here is that the script doesn't crash.
  3. Hi Kodiak, thanx for your reply! No unfortunately I can find any clue what so ever. There seems to be no orders rejected. What I see is that I get pop ups for alert triggers but no orders or positions. This is on Indicies both DAX and WallStreet
  4. Hi, I have put together some code that I would like to try out with DEMO account. The issue is that it continously crashes with "Error". But I don't get any reason for why it crashes. I can't find that I am missing anything and are not using ZigZag indicator. How can I get help to identify the issue? Error sais: "The trading system was stopped because it encountered an error. Please send us a report to enable us to analyze the error using the "Send report" button". Can't find the send report button either... Br. Fredrik
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