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  1. yeah and in the positions tab it says you are in profit in $ and converts it to a £ profit when your actually making a loss in £ when you check the £ paid for the shares. ON US shares from UK they basically calculate the book value in $ and show you a dollar profit converted to £. the book value isn't based on what you actually spent. I think this is very misleading.
  2. anyone know when the rights issue will merge into one row with my existing TUI position?
  3. i don't understand the price quoted on the rights issue. the current share price is about 355 but the rights issue shows as 210 with cost per share for take up at about 97.5. I thought perhaps its showing as the difference between todays price and the offer price which makes some sense but doesn't quite tally up. By my maths its about 40 odd light.
  4. Thanks. I can see generic options to enable / disable push options etc but nothing to control /edit/deelte notifications on an individual stock.
  5. did you ever workout how to stop this? I can't even see how to try and delete a notification!
  6. is it 20k funding each year or profit/capital gains? i believe with normal share dealing the first 12.5k of profit is not taxable anyway if you have no other capital gains elsewhere in the tax year
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