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  1. As per my understanding, a 'Day' is a 24 hour cycle irrespective of where you are.. not a session. So on my settings in the UK, i get it from midnight to midnight rather than London session. So i suspct you are getting a mid-night to midnight East Coast..
  2. i think i know the answer.. all candlesticks run by on the hour.. So 1H is applicable from 10-11, 11-12, 12-1 30M is 10-10:30; 10:30-11, 11-11:30. 11:30-12 all based on GMT. 5 mins slots run in the same way. IG's 'Day' timeframe is midnight to midnight (atleast in the UK)
  3. Tnx.. I filled the Demo opening form online, and now got an email from IG asking to download this is probably the 7th download and reinstall... done that .. again, when the screen opens, it can connect to IG-Live but no IG-Demo,,, there must be a log file that i can check .... the journal is showing it cannot connect
  4. Well the problem seems to persist... the helpdesk deleted the real account. So have downloaded a new MT4.. now it seems to connet to the live server but no such luck with the demo server... any idea what is this setup challenge... File>>>Open an account gives me this screen.. scan brings nothing more on demo... It does ask me for Live details if i choose Live - but that would open a live account...
  5. i think the mystery may have been solved... got this from IG I need to close my existing MT4
  6. Also, when the alert is displayed on my mobile... it would be good to have the message displayed too, currently just shows generic text
  7. Is there a way to pause IG alerts. I currently have a few alerts based on indicators. Once i it setup, i would like to pause it for some time e..g night or weekends. Currently i have to delete the indicator and then recreate it. Its a pain when you hvae multiple indicators across multiple pairs. Is there a way to do this?
  8. not sure... because i can get the MT4 from metatrader dotcom to work but struggling with the IG version. Can i use the metatrader from elsewhere to connect to the IG server? what is the IG server address i should add to the login screen
  9. I tried rescanning, but no cigar. It is on my work laptop. Standard chrome runs on an auto proxy (so i dont know my proxy servers). i tried clicking on the proxy setting for mt4, but no luck. i tried going on the live with my live mt4, again no luck. I had downloaded MT5 & MT4 from the metatrader website. i could connect it to their website. can i repoint that to an IG server?
  10. i removed everything and started again... i get to this screen, If i choose New Demo account.. it will not go anywhere (BTW, when i first open MT4, i do get this screen)
  11. Hi... cant see it.. it allows me to connect to IG Live but not demo. I dont want to use the live account. Infact is there a way i can shut down the MT4 Live account? i tried filling out the form, but no cigar. I have downloaded the MT5, but looks like i might have to change broker
  12. I have a Real and Demo IG account. I use the web based platform and now looking to use the MT4. The videos say that I can simply add an MT4 demo account by going to my dashboard and adding account. I did the same, and it has added a MT4 to my Real Account !! I dont want it at this stage. I cant seem to find a way to add a MT4 Demo. I have downloaded the software but wont let me set it up. any ideas how to fix this
  13. tnx... works like a charm.. The next level of question is, can i set this to automatically trigger? Just like i set a Limit, that will be triggered when it is hit. I want my £10 lot gets partially spread when it hits a trigger level 1, then another set when it hits trigger 2 and so on
  14. Is there a way to parially close a position when it hits a certain level to book profits? Eg. I place a £10 trade per pip.. The overall Limit is 20 pips. Is there a way, I can do a partial close of 5 at 10 pips, 3 at 15 pips and 2 at 20. I should be able to split the lot and the levels.
  15. I have set up some indicators which i want to be triggered everytime it happens during the day. This is fab. However, there is no way to PAUSE the alert, so that i can turn it off during the night. Otherwise it will keep beeping every 15 mins. You can delete the alert but not pause. if you delete it, i have to recreate the alert in the morning. The only way i get around this, is to turn off IG notifications on the phone during the night. Is there a better way to do this?