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  1. Hello, I am trying to run an EA in my IG-Live account, but while the EA is active I am getting an alert mentioning that "Hedging is Disabled". I ran the same EA in demo account and it was working perfectly fine. Can someone please help me with this issue or please let me know how should I enable Hedging in my live account? Thanks
  2. I found the answer myself. It is the IF/THEN part of the order tab. It was a little confusing, but now it makes sense. Add Stop Order will be the Stop Loss in pips ( Currency option like the Market Order page would have been nice) Limit order is Take Profit in pips. https://www.ig.com/us/help-and-support/forex-trading/orders-stops-and-limits/what-is-an-if-then-order
  3. I am new to IG. I am looking for a way to place a pending order (Like in MT4) with a limit price and options to set the stop loss and take profit options. Can someone direct me to such a feature is available in IG ? Help much appreciated. Thanks Subbu
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