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  1. I am trying to work out what is the most cost effective method of investing in an S&P 500 ETF. I am not factoring in the actual trade fees (£3 for UK shares and £10 for US) . All thoughts are appreciated. I know that the standard VOO , IVV, and SPY which are traded on the NYSE also have LSE equivalents, VUSA, IUSA, and SPY5 respectively. Im based in London, UK. Is option A or option B more cost effective? Option A: Purchase VOO, IVV, or SPY on the NYSE. I assume I would then incur a currency exchange fee 0.5%, plus be taxed on quarterly dividends. Those returns would effectively incur more FX fee's if I was to reinvest them into the ETF. Option B: Purchase VUSA, IUSA, or SPY5 on LSE. I read on their respective websites that they are Ireland domiciled but on the LSE, will I be charged an irish stamp duty of 1% or UK stamp duty of 0.5%? I assume this will be my only cost, as the 'management fee' takes into account everything on the ETF side. Are there other differentiating costs that I need to consider? Liquidity: For ticker VUSA, Market data on IG says that less than 10 people have positions open for this stock. Do I only have access to trade with other IG people, therefore making this stock illiquid, or does IG pair my order with everyone on the stock exchange looking to sell? Finally, is there any glaringly obvious reasons I should chose one provider over the other? I can see that ishares seem to be most popular on IG, and that the mgmt fees are similar (0.07% - 0.09%). Thanks in advance
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