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  1. I use several different MT4 platforms and never have an issue trades are executed instantly and closed instantly, requoting and not allowing trades to be closed via continuously refreshing and requoting prices is a well known practice by brokers to cheat clients....!!! This happened for a full day and I got it on video.
  2. MT4 platform continues to block me from exiting trades. The same thing happened 2 weeks ago where I contacted IG support to tell them to start messing around with the platform and allow me to close my positions. On Tuesday I was completely blocked from exiting any positions clicking the x sign in the terminal nothing happens just refreshes try to double click on the chart to close that way all I get is invalid prices, requote price has changed then click ok on that price and get invalid prices (and yes 1 click trading has always been all I have been trading for a long time). I do know first hand that there is software brokers can put on MT4 to stop profitable traders closing trades. This thread explains exactly what was happening to me and I also got it on video. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=554490 And talking of the videos I sent to IG they say they can't view them. It's 2020 not 2010 that's a blatant lie as I sent the videos to 5 different people all could view them this is just an excuse. So attempting to close trades on Tuesday all day and then trying to get through to support via phone as they don't reply to emails the phone rings out and no answer !! I see many people having the same issue. I also then go to the website and try to close trades again, the same issue not allowed ! cheating blocking from exiting trades with the MT4 plugin. So with not being able to close trades can't get in contact with the broker account come later to try again same issue this time I have been getting emails from IG to add more funds or I will lose account I add more in the hope of getting through to IG and being alllowed to close positions no such luck they clearly trying to steal my money. In the end I just gave up trying to get through to them. I instantly called my credit card company to do the chargebacks on the payments made to IG which are in process. Wake up and they had wiped 13k of my account. The only people allowed to close trades was the algo on their side, clear cheating and theft. Not to mention the fact that for some reason they had my account registered in Australia and had the leverage set at 200:1 when I have been contacting them for weeks to change to a UK which I was advised over the phone it was getting done never happened. I am a UK resident and not an Australian resident. I told them that the account is in GBP and registered at my UK address UK passport UK national Insurance number I was told it was being changed by accounts 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I received an email completely ignoring the main complaint I had about being blocked from closing trades and the broker stealing 13K from me. They simply replied and said I had a UK account which if they had bothered to look would realize that was my fathers account he tried to open and entered the wrong D.O.B and had contacted them to change this several times via email and phone didn't happen me and my father share the same address and first name and my fathers account has his national insurance number attached to it. I pointed this out and also got no reply and also got no reply regarding the videos I sent. They simply say they cannot view them which is B.S. they reply asking if I can speak on the phone. I told them I was advised by my Sister a Banking Lawyer that runs compliance for a major bank in London to only communicate via email so there is a record of what is being said this is the reason they do not reply to emails as it incriminates them want to talk on phone so they can control the information. I have launched a complaint with compliance also though anyone who has been in Forex for a while knows that internal compliance will always favor the broker as it's them who pays the bills FACT!! The only way you will ever get a response from them is if you go to the regulators they know this and just try to slow the process down in the hope that an uneducated person will just accept internal compliance and never go to the regulators and believe me many people do this allowing these cheats to get away with theft...........!!! Anyone else has similar issues that's if the moderator allows this post to appear I doubt it though !!!!!
  3. Can IG Australia offer non Australian residents accounts under the Australian Brand ?
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