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  1. Thanks James. Good to know there is still hope that the watch app may one day be reinstated
  2. Will the excessive charges remain into the new year or revert back to the nominal charges we were used to paying?
  3. Sad to see the Watch app is gone. Very disappointing :-(
  4. Last nights price action is really bullish imo What are your thoughts guys? I am looking to get long today around 1.2460 Cheers, JB.
  5. Thanks for your reply ST Much appreciated. Hopefully one day the app charts will close on NY time and be a lot more useful
  6. I use an iphone. Am I able to get the charts on the IG app to use the NY open and close times? At the moment it is midnight when a new candle appears. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, JB.
  7. My guess for tonight is 165,000 Cheers, JB.
  8. Well my trade never triggered and thankfully so. What a move on the Pound today!!!!!!!!
  9. Yesterdays price action looks like a reversal to me. I will short just below yesterdays low at 87.75 which will confirm a continuation. My stop will be at 88.40 TP 85 for now. Cheers, JB.
  10. GBPCAD hit Target Price today :-) Yen pairs all look weak Going short NZDJPY here at 74.05 with a 40pip stop Anyone else doing anything?.........anyone?........anyone? Cheers, JB.
  11. Keeping GBPCAD short Short Gold this morning at 1208.35, tried for 1209 but slippage, stop at 1214.50 Anybody else want to share some good trade ideas? I like the theory but its trades that really count guys. Been a good week. Good luck out there, JB.
  12. Closed GBPAUD overnight. Shorted GBPCAD at 1.8953 yesterday. Cheers, JB.
  13. Closed GBPJPY today and went short EURAUD at 2.0312 Cheers, JB.
  14. It has certainly been risk on since the daily reversal to the upside last week. I've gone long GBPJPY today. Will be interesting to see how the S&P500 deals with the previous top around 2110. Indications for now are higher. Happy trading. Cheers, JB.
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