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  1. Thanks James. Good to know there is still hope that the watch app may one day be reinstated
  2. Will the excessive charges remain into the new year or revert back to the nominal charges we were used to paying?
  3. Sad to see the Watch app is gone. Very disappointing :-(
  4. Last nights price action is really bullish imo What are your thoughts guys? I am looking to get long today around 1.2460 Cheers, JB.
  5. Thanks for your reply ST Much appreciated. Hopefully one day the app charts will close on NY time and be a lot more useful
  6. I use an iphone. Am I able to get the charts on the IG app to use the NY open and close times? At the moment it is midnight when a new candle appears. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, JB.
  7. My guess for tonight is 165,000 Cheers, JB.
  8. Well my trade never triggered and thankfully so. What a move on the Pound today!!!!!!!!
  9. Yesterdays price action looks like a reversal to me. I will short just below yesterdays low at 87.75 which will confirm a continuation. My stop will be at 88.40 TP 85 for now. Cheers, JB.
  10. Just bought at 115.32 Double bottom on the daily and looks to be breaking to the upside now. Good luck out there guys! Cheers, JB.
  11. Nice daily reversal yesterday. I am buying it if it breaks yesterday's high. Lots of news later. The charts are pointing upward on the Pound pairs. Cheers, JB.
  12. Hey Guys, I bought this yesterday at 134.90 I think we will see 138+ All Yen pairs look strong Cheers, JB.
  13. Hey Roo, I think they can only withdraw money to your nominated account. If they tried to add another account you would be notified. However that said I wouldn't be giving access to your account to anyone you can't trust not to run off with your funds. Cheers, JB.
  14. Hey Caseynotes, I am looking to short EURJPY at 116.12 which is just below yesterdays low. Thanks for the update on Zero. What a shame. I miss his contribution. Cheers, JB.
  15. Daily reversal yesterday suggests further weakness. A few of the pairs look weak as well such as AUDJPY, NZDJPY, EURJPY, CADJPY Take your pick - the chart pattern on all looks similar and it is showing weakness Cheers, JB.
  16. Closing Pound pairs. The dynamics changed again yesterday Cheers, JB.
  17. I'm still liking the Pound pairs. GBPNZD rocketed this morning. Going short EurGbp now. Long GbpJpy seems the go as well Happy trading, JB.
  18. I use a daily chart and the gaps followed the Brexit Friday. Monday opened up with gaps lower on all the Gbp pairs Cheers, JB
  19. Hey folks, Following the BOE decision or non-decision last night I really feel we should be looking at the GBP pairs. GBPNZD looks the strongest for now. GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPJPY .........they all left gaps following the Brexit result that could well and truly be filled in this next move. The gaps are still all a fair bit higher than current prices. Yesterday's daily reversal on the Pound is sending a strong signal - to me anyway. I'm long GBPNZD from this morning. It seemed the strongest. Cheers, JB.
  20. Just hit TP on balance of GBPNZD Staying out of the GBP now. What a move since Friday!!
  21. Closed 3/4 of my GBP long positions this morning. Just holding GBPNZD in a reduced size and moved stop to B/E even though its 250pips ahead. Anything can happen. Going to be treading very lightly this week. Cheers, JB.
  22. Been very interesting to see the GBP getting slaughtered as then Polls show a leaning towards an exit. The Bookies have the weight of money saying they will stay and I tend to believe more in this than the polls. Time will tell. I think we might see a bounce in the GBP in the next few days leading in to the vote. I am trading that way as of today. Either way its certainly going to be volatile. Cheers, JB.
  23. I really enjoy Zero's commentary on the Index and Binaries. What a shame it has all come to a sudden stop. He was the only other member regularly sharing his trades as well. Oh well. Anyone heard from him?
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