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  1. Hi. Opening PRT this morning (30 June) to do my usual weekly analysis of my ProOrder strategies I find the deal through button on the main bar missing and no access to ProOrder trading at all. This is the same across my demo and live accounts. Is this a temporary issue or a new 'feature' for market closed times. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I noticed the partial close update when launching PRT and checked out the documentation. There it said the new partial close features were available for automated trades. It didn't specifically mention ProOrder trading so I'm just wondering if it only apples to orders set manually in PRT that are subsequently executed automatically. Some clarity on this would be really useful. Thanks.
  3. Hi I'm looking for a handy reference list of the minimum stop distance for all Forex and Indices DFB. It appears on each instruments page, but I've yet to find it in a consolidated list such as the spreads information. Thanks. Nick, the Tall Guy
  4. I'm interested in upgrading to 10.3 as well. Any chance?
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