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  1. Wish I'd read your comment before jumping in with a couple of ill timed shorts haha. Will see what sort of levels/patterns form overnight. Still looking for a good opportunity to short the long term down trend but maybe there's more behind last week's move than I first thought?
  2. Should be an interesting open this morning. Think the bears might have their way but who knows? The support at 5088 has held so far.
  3. Cool - that sounds like it would be awesome.
  4. dont mean to be nosey but do you trade full-time for yourself or for a company?
  5. Will be interesting to see if it closes above 5180 (strong down trend resistance) in the next couple of days. There could be some good opportunities on the short side this afternoon or tomorrow but wall street's downtrend resistance only really kicks in at around 17500 so there's plenty of room for a move higher.
  6. Cheers Zero. Yeah, the more I trade the more I realise it doesnt matter what "you think" before the trade haha. The market's gonna do what its gonna do. And you'll only really know after the move has finished. Yeah- gonna wait and see if there are any long entry points tomorrow... its looking pricey right now but if it gets closer to the 1hr moving average I'd be tempted. Happy trading everyone.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new to technical analysis and trading generally, just wanted to get people's thoughts is there a reverse head and shoulders forming on the 4hr/daily chart?
  8. Yeah - as of 9:30 its looking well overbought on the 1hr charts. Will be interesting to see what happens with the GDP figures and what the reaction will be
  9. Cheers Zero, Yeah - Im glad I got out of my long position early in the morning. No clue whats gonna happen either but hoping that the asx breaks out of the downtrend above 4930/4960. Ive been looking at the monthly charts lately and it looks like we're about to bottom out of the channel that started in 2008. I know a lots changed macroeconomically and commodities-wise since then but I cant see it dropping below 4600. What are people's long term projections/guesses?
  10. Whats everyone's thoughts on the rest of the trading day? Over 4930 or back into the 4800s?
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