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  1. Anyone who had difficulty in buying IPOB shares on IG ISA or Share dealing platforms? For some reason my order gets rejected without any explanation.
  2. umairj99

    US ETF

    @Arindom Did you manage to sort this issue out? I have the same issue. I can't get US ETFs. I have signed the online form
  3. umairj99

    US ETF

    Hello, I have the same issue. I joined IG to invest in ETFs and it is not allowing me to get US ETFs. I am not a professional trader. I only have share dealing account.
  4. Hi there, I am trying to buy "US Global Jets ETF" on the IG share dealing platform. However, when I get to the last step I receieve a following message. "This is a complex instrument and is currently not eligible to be traded on your account. Please call your normal dealing number for more information" Does anyone know why is this happening? I have tried the help line but no one picks up the phone.