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  1. Has anyone received their L&G dividend yet? Frustratingly heard nothing from IG about why it’s delayed. Thanks
  2. Has anyone received their L&G div yet? Or better yet heard anything from IG? Their radio silence is not good customer service
  3. Same here and we hear nothing from IG. Very frustrating. Poor service
  4. Charlotte, where is the L&G dividend? Why have none of us received it?
  5. I’m still waiting on it as well; very frustrating
  6. Hi Robhalo, I’m in the same boat, so it’s helpful to know that I’m not the only one. I tried calling them today and just get stuck on hold for ages. Do they actually have anyone working on their phones? It’s strange given how well other providers (AJ Bell for example) seem to be handling it that IG are dropping the ball so often. Can you let me know if you do get the L&G div and I’ll do the same? Cheers
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