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  1. Hi Steven, I just found this because I was looking up about daylight saving. The English have British Summer Time BST which is UTC+1, so the market adjusts. It also reverts back to UTC+0 when it goes back in time. Daylight saving also occurs in NY, so they too move forward in Summer by 1 hour and back in Winter. Personally it does my head in, especially when my timezone doesn't change.
  2. If you check the market hours, clicking help and then typing market hours, it will tell you the hours of all the fx, equities and commodities. I think it may open 5.30pm AEST. But anyhow check. https://www.ig.com/au/help-and-support/cfds/market-details/what-are-igs-dealing-hours
  3. This guy - Ivan Delgado from Global Prime, (there is no sales pitch) makes a daily video on youtube showing which currencies are strong and which are weak. AUD/CAD at the moment would not be good as both currencies are strong. AUD/JPY would be good and so would EUR/AUD (short) as the other's have mentioned GBP/AUD has been on a long term downward trend for several months. Anyhow check out Ivan's daily video's they will give you a good sense of what pairs should you be trading on any day/week.
  4. The GBP was rallying last week as was the strongest currency, this week it's strength has been surpassed by the NZD. It is still strong along with AUD and CAD. There are no real fundamentals supporting this strength though, just broad-based optimism. Along with the comments mentioned above, last week, Chief economist Andy Haldane, was predicting a V-shaped recovery for the UK. The GBP is now a risk currency, so it could also be rising just based on the switch to risk in the markets. With the Yen, USD, CHF and EUR all performing much weaker than risk currencies at the moment, I predict GBP/USD
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