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  1. agree with last post. I find it incredible that a reputable platform does not offer stop losses and take profits. Both other platforms I know a little about do. Currently looking into transferring portfolio across to them as this is really an issue.
  2. Weird, seems like a very amateur platform. I use two others and stop losses and take profits, are standard offerings and essential to good trading. I see them offered on spread account but not share, so they have the facilities to do it. Any word here from admin on why your customers are not offered this protective and profit making facility on this site?
  3. Hello, New to platform and opening trades to buy and sell shares but not offered stop loss settings or take profit. Like playing gold with 2 clubs at the moment. Any advise as to how I can add stops to open positions, or set them up when opening positions? I am on share dealing account (just don't see where it is offered).
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