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  1. Does anyone know why this is? Has a new contract been created or am I incorrect.?
  2. If you don't know what you are doing stop.... It's like continually touching a hot stove & wondering why you burn yourself...
  3. I have had a problem with my alerts not popping ul recently when they have been "activated" . I get an email, but not the usual pop up in the trading platform. I use the old Platform
  4. What funds did you have to cover your margins? Overnight the ASX200 dropped to 7000 so all your positions would have been in a loss situation & if you had insufficient margin, they would close the positions.
  5. @JamesIG That is a disgraceful response! The new platform does not have the same functionality as the old. It does not have DMA ffs.... seriously! You expect us to trade on a market without the market depth of bid & offer showing? And if it was the intention for it to take over, why in god's name did you not even have the courtesy & business eficacy to tell us & why did the person @ IG lie to me on Monday when I spoke to him on the phone & he said that it was a platform error that occurred on the weekend & I am sitting here waiting for it to be rectified. You had the charts operational and clearly & deliberately stopped them without telling us (your customers) in what appears to be a deliberate misleading & deceptive means of forcing us on to the new incomplete platform! Just return the old platform to an operational basis as it is not fit for the purposes. IG has committed offences under the Competition & Consumer Act by engaging in misleading & deceptive conduct!
  6. It is not a matter of "calling the impacted clients". The guy I spoke to on Monday did not even know Flash had been discontinued in spite of it being notified on every computer in the WORLD for the last 6 or 8 months. And he was in technical support? Common... we need to be treated better than fools. Fix it, even if it means a re boot of the system ... do it at 8am Melbourne time when most markets are closed. This is seriously causing major problems & is not good enough.
  7. I and many others, are still waiting on the below being attended to. Please treat this as highly urgent, the platform is far from meeting expectations & causing significant difficulty in following intraday prices. We look forward to hearing from you.
  8. You have to be kidding that this question has not been answered! I have run into a problem today where the charts that were working after flash ceased are no longer working & the platform is calling for the installation of Flash, which can't be done because it doesn't exist.
  9. I found this morning when I logged on to the "old" platform of IG that the ability to have "tearoff charts" has been completely lost. On 12 January 2021 when flash stopped operating I found that the charts in the "market data" window also stopped operating but I got around this by using the "tear off charts". When I rang IG technical and platform help it was clear that the chap did not know what flash was or that it had reached end of use and was barred from operating (which I found utterly extraordinary given that the whole world is unable to use flash and it was a flash based program). When he checked with the technical department and then when he got back to me he was somewhat unclear in his response but in the end I gathered that due to some error on the weekend platform maintenance this wasn't operating at the moment. I don't think that this is good enough. This sort of basic things should not occur. In addition, the normal charts within the platform window are clearly also not operating properly as if you scroll up or down within them which would normally extend or reduce the time., The entire platform window moves up and down. It is quite frankly, a mess. If you do try to open a tearoff chart you get the message "Sorry! Flash Player is not currently installed. To display IG charts, you need at least Flash Player version 11.2.0". Of course as I have said above flash doesn't exist any longer. Also, I find it a bit rich that with the lead up time of about a year and now over 5 weeks since flash ceased operating that the charts in "market data" have ceased operating. Don't for a second suggest that I should move to the "new platform" because that is out of the question. I attempted to do that and fully set it up but then found when the market was open there was no DMA. I then reverted to the old platform. This needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency and given that I raised it at 9 o'clock this morning and it is now 4 PM I don't think it's good enough that it has not been fixed. Would you please get onto it straight away.
  10. Hi, I have just "discovered" the Australia 200 daily calls and puts as well as the Dec (I presume these are monthly) calls and puts. Could you direct me to the "rules" surrounding these.... ie expiry times, margins and everything regarding them etc please. Y have tried to use the searching facility and find it frustrating as I have found nothing to help. Thanks. Regards Lindsay
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