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  1. Hi jlz, 5 min in the white box between place and stop, 10sec in the second pic whilst long period before and after of steady +/- 2 to 5 pt movement. First one was on Silver Spot, around 9:00pm so quiet, based upon a Spread Bet £2000 margin, 20pt Stop (£125) and Limit of around £1000. Been questioning myself for weeks having placed numerous bets against a trend or steady in place for future period only to find immediate movement of trade line. Not just co-incidence!! I know that for every bet they place a counter bet to hedge their position, wondering if the reverse hedge in actual market
  2. Stacking the Deck to Induce Losses! Dear IG Support, Can you explain how when I post a Spread Bet Trade, especially during quiet trading times the instrument price suddenly veers towards and triggers my stop loss? This is more than a co-incidence and is not complaint or sour grapes at losses!! The time and pics of graphs show an immediate opposite swing when placing a trade? I have tested this at different times of the day especially evident with steady state or quiet times and have pictures of the events before and after. Statistically the event cannot occur at the very po
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