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  1. The Expiry section while placing an order for International Shares in USA has only Day ( end of day ) option . There is no good till cancelled. I am planning on holding these shares. Am I missing something ? How do I buy shares in USA which I can hold for an X amount of time ?
  2. I am trying to purchase shares in USA . For order expiry i am only getting one options . which is Day. I am unable to see good till cancelled option as I am planning on holding these shares. Please advise . Thanks Silly Memon
  3. IS that the reason when i try to purchase USA shares it good comes with End of day and not good till cancelled option . I am planning on holding the shares .
  4. I am planning on buying some USA shares and holding them but while purchasing I can only see the option of End of Day and Not good till cancelled . Am I missing something ? Good till cancelled option is not available for international shares ?
  5. I've given up on trying to reach IG team via phone because of such long queues and the calls automatically drop off after 30 mins . If some one can answer this. I've been trying to purchase USA shares but its not giving me the option of Good Till Cancelled as I wish to hold the shares. It just given one option i.e Day End. Am I doing something wrong or that's how it is with international shares.
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