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  1. I can't get the price. The same error: Exception: unauthorised.access.to.equity.exception for all possible combinations. Even if you open trade to e.. Tesla, you can't see any detail from REST. open_positions: {'contractSize':1.0,'createdDate':'2020/06/1217:58:38:000','dealId':'DIAAAADXBUE4MAL','dealSize':1.0,'direction':'BUY','limitLevel':None,'openLevel':941.0,'currency':'USD','controlledRisk':False,'stopLevel':None,'trailingStep':None,'trailingStopDistance':None,'limitedRiskPremium':None} Probably Interactive Brokers or paid service (https://iexcloud.io/console) is the solution. No difference if DEMO/LIVE account. Someone who actually trading Shares via REST?
  2. I found: At present we don't offer access to Equities via the API, due to restrictions put in place by our data vendors. We're working to see if we can get this changed, but it's not likely in the near future. So I can see it in UI trading console, but why no in API?
  3. Quick question: why I can't get stock current prices (e.g. UC.D.NFLX.CASH.IP - Netflix etc.) in API (REST/LiveStreamer)? FX/IND works normally. Thank you.