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  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening all, Hope you are well! I am looking to start day trading with a scalping method and I have been going round in circles trying to decide which account would work best for me. Id like to trade mainly in US stocks however I dont want the risk of losing more money that I put in with CFD's and spreadbetting. Therefore I have been looking at opening a share dealing account, would this be suitable for the type of trading strategy im looking at? I have the following questions: 1-Can I use the web based desktop IG platform for share dealing / scalping? 2- Can I use live data? 3- With the Sharedealing commissions, after 1 month US stocks become commission free to trade, does this get applied to the account automatically? 4- Is there a minimum deposit for opening a share dealing account? (I see theres a minumum of GBP 1,000 to be able to use L2 but I wouldnt be starting with this amount to begin with). 5- Just to confirm, the PDT rule doesnt apply with IG and I would be able to immediately reinvest funds after the sale of shares Thanks for your help!