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  1. But it feels like if I didnt have a sell order there it wont even chase that sell order, isnt that somewhat cheating
  2. This just happen to me today using trading side by side my order got hit at 3040 at IG and then rebounded However on tradingview the price never went down below 3060. Thats 20 points difference. It literraly hunted my order then bounces back, now it is following close to the order price at trading view. Is this reportable? 1 to 2 points sure, but 20 points??? just to hunt my sell order? How?
  3. HI I am having the same issues and I have lost a lot of money. Hope we can get an answer from them directly. Feels like we are getting slight ly scammed
  4. I look at other charts at the same time. Since I place a buy order that area is not getting hit but when I look at other charts that order shouldve been hit? Has IG been scamming me? I've lost a lot of money on this platform and it feels like a scam now. I only started watching other charts recently to make sure that there is consistencies vs other platforms But it seems like there is 10 points different between other live platforms vs IG Please provide valid response This is asx 200
  5. Hi Everyone I am planning/ specalise in scalping esp S&P500. I do have a couple of questions, and any contributions are appreciated. I plan to make money on small movement 1 to 5 points at a time 1. Do you recommend IG for scalping or do you recommend other platforms? 2. Any other instruments I should consider learning 3. How can I access level 2 Data in pro real time, when I look at US500 the order book is empty? 4. Do you recommend any sources/guide/courses for scalping? I have plenty of time and would like to learn deeply Thank you in advance and have a nice weeke
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