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  1. Hi there To close this off I was advised the Red Cross doesn’t necessarily mean anything.? For me it appeared at the end of every day alongside the company name, when the markets closed but became a green dot when the markets were open. As long as the Red Cross isn’t there on open market time it’s nothing to worry about. Still don’t understand why it’s there at all so maybe it’s not a good sign but IG feel it’s nothing I need to concern myself with. cheers.
  2. Thanks for responding I think it best to protect the company In question. I’m sure it’s nothing but just in case................ It may well be a glitch on the IG system so I’m going to get the answer and post again. Speak soon.
  3. Hi thanks for responding the thing is the Red Cross has been there since I bought the shares. It hasn’t gone even after a number of days. All my other positions have a little pen icon..does that mean there are no more shares to be bought from the company or something worse?... cheers
  4. Hi there can anyone advise why there is a small Red Cross next to the company name on my position companies. The others seem to have a small pen logo? can I get rid of the Red Cross, if so how? thanks all
  5. Hi there. Can someone advise why you would edit the book cost on an account? Also why is there a little Red Cross next to the company name on one of my positions. All the rest have the little pen? thanks