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  1. Wow ok I am hitting the books - thanks by the way I am also going through your other thread but its so in depth. Lol I kinda can figure out where a trend starts but enver where it ends. really appreciate your help by the way.
  2. for a new guy how about a book list as honestly so much rubbish written on trading I get confused. Really are there any books you would reccomend.
  3. I read some of your how to win - sorry its gonna be a weekend job for me as it was very in depth. I found it interesting do you manually trade or autotrade. I am on a massive educational drive.
  4. so do you trade on monthly charts cause I been thinking that would make very good sense. I must also confesss ATR is something I have not really looked into.
  5. surely for example and I am only just throwing this out in a less liquid market say like lumber you gonna need to have much wider stops?
  6. must confess Im newish so not great at navigating but shocked how much you can custmoise though at same time I dont see where the guides are. There is a way to show this by clicking arrow under equity used.
  7. no its only when you close trade or they close as you have exceeded margin requirements
  8. Your method works on all markets with no adapatations?
  9. I agree with Jlz - though there is so much **** out there so hard to filter through and get the correct info.
  10. I think trending markets and flat/oscillating markets require different strategies. I use Dochian/MACD for first but I am hopeless when no trend. I heard channel trading works but just trying out.
  11. I watched the cartoon and now feel better informed - I know quite few guys in finance industry and their all sitting at side wondering what is going on. But if its a bubble how long will it last - Also can world economies keep going and pumping more and more into the system. At moment just hitting (scapling) and reversing but still short. Yet I tried and failed that with tesla once and feailed miserbly. What to do? What to do?
  12. Ok I get the markets have moved up alot recently and im not opposed to making money on the upside but anyone reckon its bear moment.
  13. I been thinking the same when you refer to API are you referring to Application Programming Interface also do you need to know a **** load of computing to work them things. Any chance of reccomendation whats good. I think your so correct when I look at my performance in demo Im **** hot can go 7 to 10 days with no down days but in the heat of trading I end up letting losses run and taking profits early. Based on my calcuation I thought Dow up, Nasdaq down and Brazil index up and so far all worked according to plan though due to what I can only describe as fear I banked 40 pounds today lol
  14. what are you doing these days with trades. although early loss pretty bad you can tell your system seems to be good.
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