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  1. I'm really not sure why it's taking so long to add such a simple yet necessary feature. I can't use the new platform until this feature is added.
  2. Hello, A further suggestion would be to have 3 small icons on the Positions, Working Orders etc windows for Opening a Deal Ticket, Placing an Order to Open and Setting an Alert. I find this would create a lot more seamless movement in the platform. I find it annoying have a two or three step process with everything in the platform when things such as things could be a single click to access. Thanks, Dave
  3. Hello, Another suggestion is to incorporate the Market Data into the screen that opens when you click on a market. Possibly near the News and Signals tabs or somewhere else on this window. I've always found this information being on a completely different web page to be cumbersome and therefore I don't use it as much as I'd like. Thanks, Dave
  4. Hello, Can you please make the My IG, Prorealtime and Log Out option easily selectable by putting them on the top toolbar rather than in a sub-menu. All three are often needed every single time I log on, it currently makes what should be a one-step process into a two-step process which is annoying. Thanks, Dave
  5. Hello, I am unable to sort by different columns on the new platform on certain sections. Positions gives me the option as follows: Working orders does not: I usually sort all my lists alphabetically on the old platform. Thanks, Dave
  6. This is how the deal ticket looks... I need it to give me the AUD $ risk instead of the risk value in CHF as seen below in this USDCHF example.. I want to enter the value in points away but for it to tell me what equivalent AUD risk that is... the old platform did this..
  7. I just asked this same question on Live Chat. This feature is an absolute necessity for me. Otherwise this will require manual conversions of all foreign amounts. Please add this as soon as possible.