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  1. Hi there, I am new to trading. After reading reports of a major sell off for Hikma P, i decided to sell my shares. I placed the deal on exchange choosing all the quantity and left everything as it appeared. The shares did not sell and therefore i am making a loss. Please can help me understand 1 how I can buy or sell shares at whatever the opening market price of day is. 2 I also wanted to understand how I can set a specific price to buy or sell shares. Appreciate any help. Thanks Loveleen
  2. Dear Sirs, I have just joined IG and transferred funds for dealing in shares. How long after transferring the funds can I start trading. I am trying to add funds that I would like to buy for my portfolio but it keeps prompting me to add bank funds again even though the amount I have transferred is appearing in the total for my account. I am keen to start trading ASAP. Please can someone guide me on how to use this portal and when I can start trading. Kind Regards, Loveleen
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