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  1. hi all, I've been spread betting on forex for a few months. I've been using mt4 for the last month using small money as I learn. I generally use 0.10 per point which is equivalent to 10 pence per point. I've been upping the amount as I learn, and won a few trades at 0.50 per point. Then a really good opportunity presented itself and I decided to go for £1 per point. Here is my problem. With a 2 point spread, 0.10 puts me at - 0.20p when I open a trade. 0.40 puts me at -0.80 when I open a trade etc etc When I tried to do £1 per point ... inputting 1.00, it opened me at - £20.00 and not -£2.00 as I would expect. It seems that on the demo account it works, but that is for demo CFD not spread betting. I hope I've made sense... I want to input £1.00 per point, but the platform acts as if it's £10.00 per point. Thanks all
  2. I have open positions which are not editable. The system shows profit and loss rising and falling but says I have no open positions. Is this likely to translate to the live platform?
  3. Thank you. I'll have a good look. I appreciate the help.
  4. Hi all, I have just come over from Trading 212 where I could open a CFD on shares...Boeing in the case of my example here and closed it a few minutes later with a small loss or profit and I would have just paid the spread etc. Is it different here? I just opened a test CFD on two Boeing shares just to see how it all works, and was willing to lose the few pounds if it went the wrong way. Having closed it on a very small profit (I asked if scalping was okay here and they said yes - just this morning on this forum) I discovered two charges, one for £11.94 and one for £11.93. I'm assuming they are some sort of charge because I opened a CFD on a share. One for opening and one for closing? Can somebody help me out, and tell me if I'll have this charge every time I open a CFD? I came from Trading 212 because of the lack of instruments, but these charges have made me quite nervous about keeping my account. I only wanted to make or lose a few quid on short term CFDs until I gain experience. Will I be charged this for a five minute short term CFD on Forex or commodities, too? Would spread betting be better for what I want to do, and are there 'hidden' charges there? I reiterate...I don't want to keep any position open for any length of time or risk big money until I have more experience. Many thanks, and I know the blame for my unexpected loss lies with me for not reading costs etc.
  5. Thanks so much for the quick answer. I really appreciate it!
  6. Hi all, Just a quick question before I make a deposit. Is scalping allowed on CFD's on IG? I'm coming from Trading 212 where the rules state a deal must be open longer than 5 minutes. I'm not a huge trader yet - I enjoy doing small deals that take a few seconds or minutes, in which I either lose or gain a quid or two - or even a few pence on each deal. Also, I see the minimum deposit is £250. Does that mean I have to keep that £250 in my account at all times or can I withdraw some of it and still keep my account open? Many thanks!