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  1. Thanks for replying, sounds fair enough. If you could take the restrictions off the small cap stocks, I'm sure you would get just as many big losers as winners in those more volatile stocks!
  2. Yeah that's what I've been finding, unfortunate because it would be good, their platforms dead easy to use and there's all the tax pluses with SB. Guess they would take some big hits with the crazy runners through
  3. Weird, you get it quite a lot but usually only on smaller caps, not large etfs!
  4. err not when he says countless times "dont follow my strategy, you wont be able to" and "paper trade until you can prove youre consistently profitable" That's just called being a bit of a doughnut and not listening
  5. Yeah, it's early days but seems to be going ok so far, fingers crossed... I'm not surprised to be honest, but it does sound like they went against a lot of the stuff that he says
  6. Ah right, yeah I'm a big fan of the smb stuff, definitely down the more academic end of the spectrum but it's great. I think if I did buy one course it would be their full one. I can't afford any of them though so my approach is to pick around and try and fill all the gaps with all of their free content, which seems to be working out ok at the moment. I don't know, with Ross I've seen him state a lot of times on his videos specifically not to follow his strategy, especially if you're a new trader as it is really quick, pretty aggressive with his entries and you're just not going to follow it. I know his course aims to teach the full range and background in trading including crypto, large cap etc and there are other people involved in warrior trading that teach, not just him. I feel for people who have blown up an account but I have heard him say countless times not to blindly copy his trades and also to paper trade until you can prove you're profitable.
  7. I dont know what you can say is a scam about it really, if you dont feel like the content works for you thats fair enough but that's the same with every education provider out there - smb, live traders, warrior traders, the chart guys, ezeetrader, real life trading. They all have their different approach to it but that's what you get with teachers right? I'd say there's good value in all their content for the right person, I've learnt a lot from all of those.
  8. Well I mean he trades everyday and is extremely successful, each to their own I guess but I think he's doing a great thing. I've personally learnt a hell of a lot just from watching him trade and his thousands of hours of free lessons and content up on youtube. Same with Mike Bellafiore and SMB, they're primarily a prop firm but their education is fantastic, they have a real passion for teaching and do it incredibly well imo. Some people just want to pass that knowledge on.
  9. A lot of traders want to teach as it offers a steady income which trading doesnt. Doesnt mean all of them are scammers, some people just enjoy the community and teaching aspect of it, yes they earn good money from it but they give good value also. The Chart Guys are great for TA, lots of great free stuff also you dont have to sign up for. SMB capital as well, you cant say they're scammers surely
  10. Well it's up to you to draw your own conclusions I guess, he live streams his trading every day, has run a successful chat room and teaching program for years with many successful students. True he makes a lot of money from it but then he's a good teacher and has a steady stream of people willing to pay to be taught.
  11. you need to readjust your scammer settings Honestly though I always find it weird when people take to him like that, I always think he comes across as pretty honest, goes out of his way to get the accounts independently verified etc and you can clearly see he knows what he's talking about
  12. what if that one trader only wins £50?
  13. IG aren't getting the shares from the market, that's the whole point. They're just purchasing the data.
  14. Not to be pedantic but it does matter who the longs and shorts are matched to as they have to be matched by IG accounts. Which is why stocks are often available to long and short on other brokers but unavailable on IG, especially those small caps stocks. (the whole reason for this thread) I know, I'm not surprised about people blowing up accounts but to be fair to Ross he plainly states on multiple occasions not to just blindly try and follow his strategy. he teaches good stuff though, you can learn a lot from him, I personally wouldn't buy his full course but it's not a scam.
  15. That also makes sense why you are never able to go long on the small cap high gainers I guess
  16. And yeah, that's exactly how I see it Oscar 👍
  17. Right I see what you're saying, so even though no stocks are being bought or sold, all the positions are being settled 'in house' as it were - ie you cant go long on something unless there are sufficient people going short purely with IG accounts. That makes sense. They would still make money from people losing though as I'm sure more money is lost than gained over time. I don't have a problem with their model at all, interesting how it all works. haha, interesting your take on Ross Cameron as well, very different to mine as you can probably imagine
  18. Yeah, I mean I sort of get it, with the 500-1000% daily swings we've been getting recently, but it is disappointing though. I opened one just the other day, you might have to not be quite so accurate with the questionnaire but it's definitely doable 👍
  19. This isn't true, you are not actually buying or selling the stock in a spreadbetting account. It's why the level 2 is largely irrelevant and there is no need for stop limit orders.
  20. Yep, I've found this repeatedly on all of the top gappers. I don't think I've found one that I've been able to trade yet, which is pretty frustrating if that's your strategy. To be fair to IG I really like their platform and use it to trade mid/large caps and etfs but I've opened an Interactive Brokers account for the small cappers.
  21. Sorry I think it's you that doesn't understand the concept of spreadbetting. Yes I know they track the same market, same candlesticks, price action etc. The difference being that you are not being linked to an exchange and actually purchasing a share of a stock from a seller. You are taking a 'bet' against which way the market will move. (Hence 'spreadbetting') Which is why you can always get filled on an order at any price, buying or selling, because you are not actually buying or selling a physical share from one of the many exchanges. My issue is not getting filled, I've always been filled obviously for the reasons I've listed, but the issue is IG not allowing you to trade many of the indemand us stocks, just saying "market only available to close"
  22. I'm not saying IG takes a position on the other side of the trade but they only make money when customers lose money, whereas a traditional broker wants all their customers to win on all their trades because they will stick around, continue trading and they make their money off the commissions.
  23. That's the reason you can always get filled on a spreadbetting account, you dont need to look at the level 2 to ensure you'll get filled, market liquidity doesn't matter and there's no need for stop limit orders at all... Or am I completely wrong?! (It's a possibility)