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  1. Another peeve issue that I have when using IG's own charting or ProRealTime has to do with charting for futures. Instead of continuous future charts as everyone else does, we only get limited data (based on the history of the future), or we get huge gaps which are the artefact of the rollovers. What makes it so hard to create continuous future charts (or turn it off via configuration on an account by account basis in case someone doesn't want it)? A related issue is the lack of volume data on futures chart. I understand that cash charts such Wall St don't have volumes because it includes cash
  2. I am sure some of these suggestions have come up before. I understand a new beta of MyIG is coming out and hence I'd hope that the suggestions get included for possible future enhancement. (1) Sentiment data. Currently, IG offers client sentiment. Short of scraping the screen regularly, we have no way of accessing the data historically. I actually find the data very useful. Could IG possibly provide this set of data to active traders. I am more than happy to pay for the data or alternatively as IG has done for other data feeds - if traders make enough trades, offer the data free on a rebat
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