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  1. Another peeve issue that I have when using IG's own charting or ProRealTime has to do with charting for futures. Instead of continuous future charts as everyone else does, we only get limited data (based on the history of the future), or we get huge gaps which are the artefact of the rollovers. What makes it so hard to create continuous future charts (or turn it off via configuration on an account by account basis in case someone doesn't want it)? A related issue is the lack of volume data on futures chart. I understand that cash charts such Wall St don't have volumes because it includes cash hours and adjusted prices based on futures pricing outside regular sessions. There is absolutely no reason why the future charts (or example, Wall St Future which is really YM) shouldn't include volume. There are so many technical indicators that can't be used due to the missing volume data.
  2. I am sure some of these suggestions have come up before. I understand a new beta of MyIG is coming out and hence I'd hope that the suggestions get included for possible future enhancement. (1) Sentiment data. Currently, IG offers client sentiment. Short of scraping the screen regularly, we have no way of accessing the data historically. I actually find the data very useful. Could IG possibly provide this set of data to active traders. I am more than happy to pay for the data or alternatively as IG has done for other data feeds - if traders make enough trades, offer the data free on a rebate basis or charge a fee for non-active traders. Since my understanding is that IG (most of the time) doesn't trade against IG users' positions, helping traders improve with the supply of sentiment data should not be to any detriment of IG - in fact, it should find users on IG platform become more sticky provided users find the data useful (which I am pretty sure of). (2) Weekly options. At the moment, we are only able to trade current week options. As I use options for hedging quite extensively, I often find I am in need of next week's option (or even in a few weeks). I can't see how hard it is for IG to offer it since IG offlays the risk to the market anyway. Given the spread being charged (12 to 16 points on weekly DJI options), IG is getting a very fat margin on it and I simply can't see why IG won't offer more weeklies. In addition, for longer dated options on ES/YM, Monday trading is only offered after London opens. I can't see why this is the case as US market already is open for option trades on futures on Sunday night. Given IG runs an automated system, why the half day delay? (3) Dedicated customer service for active traders. During bouts of market volatilty, a lot of markets go into telephone order only mode. Well, when we ring the dealing desk, we are put on hold for a very very long time. This defeats the whole purpose of having telephone execution on standby when we couldn't access it on a timely fashion. Again, I am not suggesting it for all users. At least active users (say those who turn over at least 20 trades a week) should be offered premium support.