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  1. Thanks for this reply but I was posting my question around 15.30 hrs. I don't think the share had been suspended.
  2. I have a small position in Finsbury Foods but on my screen it says "Market is currently not open to trade". What does this mean, please?
  3. Via the bank could well be less, but it says it takes up to three days, which I find surprising. Cards and PayPal its £250 minimum, but when this arose some months ago, I'm fairly certain they told me it could be less over the phone. However, as my shortfall is under £20 at present, I shall ignore it and trust the market (and my positions) turn more positive shortly! I appreciate your input over the last few days. Looking at the some of the rest of the forum, there is a lot to learn, and you have obviously helped a lot of people!
  4. Thanks, again, for your response. I'm not inclined to add funds (the minimum on line is £250, but I believe you can add less over the phone.
  5. Thanks for your response, Caseynotes; so what's the difference between "market stop orders" and "brokers' guarantee stops" as far as the average punter like me is concerned? After all, surely my contract is with the broker so if they are offering a guaranteed stop, is that not legally binding?
  6. I currently have two spread bets on individual shares, both with guaranteed stops. The sum of the current loss on them plus the margin is below my total funds so I am being asked to top up my account even though the guaranteed stops are well covered by the cash in my account. I don't understand this - can somebody please explain?
  7. I am looking for rollover options and all the posts I have read say go to MyIG....Settings. In MyIG all I can see are Deal settings and Platform settings. Am I looking in the right place?
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