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  1. Thank you, I've now managed it. My Samsung needed me to verify biometrics in Samsung Pass before IG app would recognise it. Confirmation that you were successfully using it on an Android device was the key to make sure I found a way. Many thanks indeed for taking time out to reply.
  2. COMPLAINT PROCEDURE Any reason to feel dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, in the first instance contact IG's client services team (email helpdesk.uk@ig.com) If IG's client services team is unable to resolve the matter, refer it as a complaint to IG's compliance department (compliance@ig.com). Set out complaint clearly. IG's compliance department will do review of the complaint. A full written response can take anything up to eight weeks of receiving the complaint (presumably to allow the legal profession time to respond)
  3. Yes I saw your comments previously, which I noted. However, I do not agree that it is acceptable for a company like IG and it's aspirations see https://www.iggroup.com/about-us/who-we-are/our-purpose-and-values It is also not 'cutiing edge like other competitors. Sooner or later this late of Leadership in charting will become a 'tipping point'. It is merely a finance issue (i.e. management decision making flaw), which I believe they have got wrong. IG's global marketplace simply won't accept it for much longer, despite benign tolerance in home market. I reply merely to give some more
  4. Mispricing on charts? REGUALR OCCURENCE (see recent TSLA mispricing) plus other ''Limits' not functioning in recent IG Forum posts. Weekly chart ICDU. Is this data to be deemed RELIABLE? iShares S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary UCITS ETF USD (ABOVE: Weekly chart ICDU) (BELOW: 4HR CHART IEDI) iShares Evolved U.S. Discretionary Spending
  5. I have found this a lot with IG charts. Should they offer Trading View or ProRealTime included in the IG trading platform package? I'd certainly have much more confidence in trading and investing via IG if it did! Am I alone? I sincerely doubt it, there must be hundreds, thousands similarly affected, like you, and myself. A simple case in point (there are hundreds and hundreds of these....) ICDU iShares S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary UCITS ETF USD
  6. Any feedback from IG on FINERGERPRINT LOGIN for app?
  7. A millennial in my household (Gen-Z to be accurate)'s suggestion....he has just opened an IG smart portfolio (Growth) along with some of his siblings.... Actually some of IG's competitors offer it already including AJBell Youinvest, and FinTech apps like First Direct, ...and anything selling into the Millennial marketplace.
  8. Could IG please enable FINERGERPRINT LOGIN for their smartphone app?
  9. A conspiracy? A massive disappointment, waste of time and poor service by so-called market leader. If I had a better choice I would use it, and so would you, I imagine?
  10. Thanks for your feedback. As a retail investor and trader I can't watch every market all the time. An Alert gives me a heads up as to a particular setup e.g. 50MA/200MA crossover or when MACD crosses zeroline...My bone with IG is that even when one wishes to use Alerts the information is either inaccurate or untimely despite correct setup/settings.
  11. Why are there no responses from TECH SUPPORT? This seems extremely unprofessional behaviour by IG.com Should this be reported to the FCA or does IG feel 'above' the Financial Conduit Authority?
  12. IG.com ALERTS produce INACCURATE alerts which I describe as 'false' signals. It either delays the Alerts signal (despite set as 'immediately' and 'every time') or even misses the signal (fails to report). This negates 80% of the avlue of the IG trading platform. The stock answer of use ProReal Time tech is a denial of this issue. How good is ProReal timefor ALERTS? I previously used ProReal Time but didint find it much better for processing charts, alerts and trading. I'd appreciate ALL feedback from traders & investors (retail, professional). Tha
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