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  1. A conspiracy? A massive disappointment, waste of time and poor service by so-called market leader. If I had a better choice I would use it, and so would you, I imagine?
  2. Thanks for your feedback. As a retail investor and trader I can't watch every market all the time. An Alert gives me a heads up as to a particular setup e.g. 50MA/200MA crossover or when MACD crosses zeroline...My bone with IG is that even when one wishes to use Alerts the information is either inaccurate or untimely despite correct setup/settings.
  3. Why are there no responses from TECH SUPPORT? This seems extremely unprofessional behaviour by IG.com Should this be reported to the FCA or does IG feel 'above' the Financial Conduit Authority?
  4. IG.com ALERTS produce INACCURATE alerts which I describe as 'false' signals. It either delays the Alerts signal (despite set as 'immediately' and 'every time') or even misses the signal (fails to report). This negates 80% of the avlue of the IG trading platform. The stock answer of use ProReal Time tech is a denial of this issue. How good is ProReal timefor ALERTS? I previously used ProReal Time but didint find it much better for processing charts, alerts and trading. I'd appreciate ALL feedback from traders & investors (retail, professional). Thanks NB. I am described as 'new contributor'. Is this helpful? It seems to imply 'newbie' status, however I have used IG since Spring 2015 on a daily or weekly basis...i.e. regularly over 60 weeks, plus I have had 'skin in the game' in markets since late 1980's (40 years).....
  5. Sadly I hold both stocks though not in my IG a/cs. I am unsure whether to hold for turnaround or sell prior to a further fall (to 200??)