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  1. Dear IG, In Demo, there are many stocks not available to trade? How many US share counters is available in IG to trade? ETF, I cannot find and recognise any ETF, eg. QQQ, which of those long name is QQQ. I mean all other major ETFs, I type IVV, whole batch of list, which one? Please advise. Thaks.
  2. Dear IG, Please check and advise. Something is wrong with USDJPY prices. see attached Something is wrong with EURGBP.. see attached. Regards, Allen Low
  3. Dear Support, How can I can more indicators in a chart in IG Trading Platform? Eg. to have 2 moving averages?
  4. Dear IG Support, Where, in which platform can I demo trade above-mentioned markets? I found it above-mentioned is not available to trade in MT4. Please advise. Thanks.