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  1. Hi Andy, I have the same issue this week and I have not received any formal information about it. It doesn't look like things really changed. I chose IG between others because of the possibility to trade these transaction sizes. I can't really trade anything with the initial funds I have invested. Increasing the transaction size is a high risk to blow your account faster.
  2. Hi Franck, did you get an answer finally? I have the same issue with a lot of currency pairs too. The transaction minimum size has been multiplied by 10 since last week without being informed. Matt.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I have not received any message from IG and I noticed a significant change since last week. The minimum transaction size used to be 10p for any pair, sometimes less, sometimes more. This morning, the minimum transaction size is between 1 and 2! So I am very limited with my trades and the risk is much higher (10 times more) to blow your account in few clicks.
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