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  1. Being able to set both stop loss and take profit orders on a position is absolutely essential for trading. Is there any plan to add this necessary feature to the ISA share dealing platform?
  2. Absolutely essential feature. Please add it.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. The support person clearly did not understand this at all, and the website is very vague! The 0.5% is something I'm used to from other platforms, and much easier to absorb as a cost on small positions when making a good entry
  4. I have tried to clarify the US share dealing charges with a live chat operative, and they were unable to communicate in a meaningful way. I would like to confirm that, as long as you trade at least 3 times in any given month, that you will only pay charges for the first month. In other words, free US share dealing is on a rolling monthly basis provided you continue to make at least 3 trades every month. Is this correct? The operative was saying that even if you trade at least 3 times every month, that only every alternate month would allow free commission. She also said this was
  5. I just read this: Can I add a stop or limit to a share dealing position? No, you can only add stops or limits to spread bets or CFD trades. ------- Why on earth is this? I would actually expect a stop loss and take profit level to be available to either a market or limit order. It is a very strange omission for a platform such as this. In my quest for a paper
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