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  1. Hi, I wondered if anyone could help as I have emailed IG many times but they don't seem to understand my questions. Is there a way that I can set a price limit order that I want to pay when I buy a stock on my spreadbetting account. Say for example I am looking to get filled once the price of a stock hit $100 but didn't want to pay anymore than $101 and the stock was fast moving. Is there a way I can do this in the system for a buy that I will usually be making manually rather than waiting for an order to be hit? Thank you in advance if anyone is able to help.
  2. No they all have the same problems and IG generally is very reliable considering - but when it goes down they should be notifying everyone immediately - not 30 mins later when you think someone has jacked your account
  3. Hi, Anyone having an issue with teh Alector chart - my order buy order was hit now only displays p%l in $ not £ and the chart keeps flipping around like crazy?
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