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  1. Yep, it doesn't work in Google Chrome. I have had to switch browser to Firefox to get it working. Anyway, not wasting any more time on this. I'm a trader, not a beta tester!
  2. 100% agree, and it's more unintuitive to use, which means it's easier to make mistakes and lose money. But hey, I guess that's good for someone, right? :smileylol: Also today, the platform is defaulting to the new version and refuses to open the classic platform on Google Chrome. Works in Firefox though.
  3. IG have missed a golden opportunity to provide better trade reporting, and as I have said before, have given us something that looks like a casino. The white background is terrible. I don't even know if I click buy or sell, whether it will send some undetermined amount to the market without a stoploss or target. Thank god I use a different platform for charting. How about some functionality that gives us: Sharpe ratio Win rate Average expectancy A graph of wins and losses, P&L, drawdown etc, etc, etc, in the same way that MyFXBook does. I used to be a programmer and develop systems for the banks. I will happily develop a better system for you. This is a Mickey Mouse effort that would be laughed off a trading floor - sorry!
  4. Hate it! I preferred the grey background of the old platform and the prices didn't flash like a Vegas casino. This new version is an assault on the eyes. I used to develop trading software for banks. The first complaint I got from professional traders were they didn't want the prices flashing as it's a huge distraction.
  5. Hi Is it possible to access your REST API with a read-only API key? I want my website to access open positions and history and display in a widget, but I don't want hackers to be able to trade or have access to the account. Thanks in advance SDTrader
  6. I would like to see proper trade reporting on the Spreadbet platform. It is sadly lacking. Currently on the P&L breakdown, it doesn't even show a running total after every item. This is quite useless. Would some trade stats be too much to ask for? such as MAE, Sharpe Ratio, Profit to Loss ratio, Expectancy. I suggest you look at MyFXBook.com to see how trade reporting and statistics is done.