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  1. i am looking to use the API to automate some strategies that i run on prorealtime however i have seen some differences between prices between those shown in Prorealtime vs the API. For example, for AUD/JPY on 4 hour timespan, the API returns a bid and ask each for open, high, low and close a candlestick rather than a single price which is what prorealtime does.A more specific example, in prorealtime, for 2021/02/16 04:00:00 candlestick it has low price of 8200.4, where as the API returns bid of 8199.5 and ask of 8201.0? How can i determine the actual low price?Thanks
  2. Hi, i have been running a demo account for a few weeks and had signed up for the PRT for the demo account. This morning i get a message saying that my trial period for PRT for my demo account has expired, and that if i want to use PRT with the demo account i need to activate PRT for my live account. I then activated PRT with my live account, and i can see that PRT is available for the live account, but not the demo account? "The trial period for ProRealTime on your demo account has ended. If you would like to use ProRealTime on your demo account again you will need to activate ProRealTime
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