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  1. Their customer service isn't up to much either; I asked a question about an error message I was getting ('Market is not available' - despite the fact it's blatantly open) and I was told I'd get a reply the next day. That was 17 days ago now... I'm actively searching for somewhere else now, not purely because of that mind you. Sartois
  2. RGA - I've asked about this and was told I'd get a reply the next day, but that was about 10 days ago...I'll let you know when I get something. Sartois
  3. Hi all, I see this has been an issue with other people but I had this yesterday - I had a number of US shares I wanted to buy using a Stop order and I got the 'Market not available online' message. I tried it with both NASDAQ and S&P500, both of which had hours to run, and it's happening again today with Rio Tinto on the FTSE (at 08.34). Any advice would be much appreciated. Sartois
  4. No - the IG system doesn't allow it.
  5. Hi, With respect to share dealing, you need to implement a proper stop loss system - so you can put a stop on all shares. Most importantly though, develop a separate system for share dealing, because simply porting across the spreadbetting ethos and programming isn't sufficient. Once you've had a look at these suggestions and decided what you're going to work, produce a timeline by which you're going to roll them out and give regular updates. It's nice that you're asking, but even a cursory look over the forums will show that you've 'recognised it's a function we want' but failed to do anything. I found a post from April 2017 asking about dividend reinvestment and IG have done nothing. So, stop thinking about spreadbetting and share dealing in the same way! The ethos and customer requirements behind both are completely different. At the moment you're a speadbetting company pretending to be a online stockbroker. Sartois p.s. If you're wondering why my message seems a bit grumpy, it's because I've just switched my ISA to you and in hindsight I've just jumped from the frying pan into the fire.
  6. Hi IG, I've recently bought my ISA across to you and I have to admit there's a few issues. The main (underlying) problem seems to be that you've just ported your spreadbetting software onto a 'Share dealing' platform and expect everything to work fine....but it really doesn't. Here's some of the issues: As has been noted elsewhere, we can't set up a stop loss on the same ticket but instead have to sell it independently and so 'even up' the account, as per a spreadbetting account. This is ridiculous, and substantially below the service provision of many other providers. Unless it's changed recently, there's no provision for (cheap) dividend reinvestment. All the research points to the investment of dividends as being highly significant in achieving more substantial returns so this is problematic. As a small point, there's no provision for seeing daily % changes in the portfolio. Latest ticker values might be useful when scalping, but I don't need that level of detail when I'm holding a share over a couple of years. To be honest, at this stage I'm somewhat regretting bringing my ISA to you - whilst your US costs are good your general share dealing functionality is really poor. Your spreadbetting is fine and I'll continue to use it - your software and system is obviously built for that. However, the ethos of, and services required for, long term investing is very different to short term scalping, day trading, or even swing trading and you can't expect the same protocols to work in both arenas. Any response would be much appreciated - particularly any planned changes. Thanks, Sartois
  7. I just want to add to this as well - it's ridiculous that I can't set up a stop loss on (some of) the shares I've bought. Oddly, it seems to be easier to do it on US shares than UK...
  8. Hi, Is it still the case that there's no (cheap) automatic dividend reinvestment? I've opened a dealing account with IG and was thinking of bringing my ISA across, but this is problematic... Thanks, Sartois
  9. Hi everyone, I thought I'd just pop my head in and say hello - I'm not new to investing but trading is relatively untested water for me. For my investing I tend to use trend following strategies, and I'm intending to use swing trading for my trading strategy. One question - in my dealing account I've bought some LBUL (2x leveraged gold) but wanted to get the precise transaction details (i.e. number, price per unit (as opposed to the total cost, etc.) but in the Transaction History am getting pretty basic information. Where can I find more specific information? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sartois