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  1. Hi I have a ATR stop loss indicator that works fantastic in Metastock, and i want to know if anyone can assist me to re-code it for Prorealtime? ATR Stop Long InpMonth:=Input("Month",1,12,1); InpDay:=Input("Day",1,31,2); InpYear:=Input("Year",1800,2050,2020); InitStop:=Input("Initial Stop Price",0.1,20000,10); atrper:=Input("ATR period :",1,100,5); atrfact:=Input("ATR multiplication :",1,10,2); loss:=atrfact*ATR(atrper); EntryLong:= InpYear=Year() AND InpMonth=Month() AND InpDay=DayOfMonth(); EntryLock:=If(Ref(EntryLong,-1)=0 AND En
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