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  1. It seems IG doesn't have list of funds / trusts to regularly invest in so that puts me off from from moving my investments into this platform 😒 even though it is cost effective platform as compared to most. Hope it would expand beyond Shares and ETFs in future.
  2. Thanks for your response. So regular monthly investments is not a concept in IG. Interactive Investor does it for free and HL charges £1.50 instead of full fee. Does IG allow sale purchase of Funds / trusts as well? I can see it only lists ETFs on their website with no mention to funds or trusts. Each platform charges a different entry and exit fees on such funds which are discounted to 0% by other platforms like HL and ii. So before switching from HL to IG, I don't want to get into another massive charges being taken indirectly via funds (except usual Total Expense ratio which are
  3. oh.. so IG doesn't provide any option for me to choose the funds / ETFs of my own selection to be invested in regular ISA/SIPP account? E.g. if I have, let say £15,000 cash in ISA which I invest in some shares.. but also contribute £500 every month to the same ISA account.. and I want those £500 to be invested in 5 different funds of my choice.. to make use of cost averaging in investment. Does IG not provide this option at all except what's available in Smart ISA portfolio which I don't want as I have not much control on what to invest in which specific funds and in which proportion
  4. I am looking to open a shared trading account in the name of my limited company. Can you please advise if there are any monthly charges being taken by IG for handling limited company shared trading account? Charge wise, are there any additional or difference charging mechanism for retail company trading account v/s retain individual trading account Thanks
  5. Hi, I can't find any reference on IG charges for the regular monthly investments in ISA / SIPP and Trading account. So, let say in SIPP account, if I place instruction to invest £1000 per monthly regularly (via direct debit) in 6 different ETF/Funds/Shares , what are the charges taken by IG for those regular 6 monthly transactions? These are different from manually buying / selling shares. I have gone through forum and IG ISA share dealing account charges but can't find reference to the changes they take for regular monthly investment.
  6. I have enabled push notification for price alerts and order execution etc in IG Live account and also double checked all possible settings on android phone and IG app.. which are all set correctly as per so many posts I have read... BUT I am still not receiving any alerts on mobile or any pop ups on windows desktop notification. If I keep the IG chart open on second scree, I only see a small pop up appear on the screen itself when alert triggers.. that it. which, to me, is pretty pointless since I am already on the chart so can see what the current price is. Whole idea of price aler
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